Saturday, 25 May 2013

Going to a fashion show is more stressful than I thought.

Whaddup something pretty interesting actually happened so far in this supposed adventure blog.

So last week Raph’s dad got tickets to the Audi Fashion Fest so Raph and I went to one of the shows because I’d never been to an actual fashion show before. I thought I’d be excited or something, but then in the afternoon before I left for it I was a tragic mess of OMGIDONTKNOWWHATIMDOINGOMG

Stress Ordeal #1:

So I had a grand total of 2 possible dresses that befit the occasion yet both just didn’t feel good enough.
So since they both looked the same to me (ie equally horrible), I picked Dress 2 at random and left my house to meet Raph.

He still hadn’t changed yet when I reached the MRT near his house, so he got me first to go wait at his place instead.

So as usual, I won the comeback competition because that last statement of his was clearly soaked in defeat. He got changed and we went to the fashion fest an hr early. So since we had time to kill, we walked around the car showroom instead, and Raph got into a car.

Stress Ordeal #2:

I’ve never even been to a car show before so I kinda freaked out and I was all *loud whisper* OMGAWD WHAT ARE YOU DOING GET OUT THEY ARE GOING TO COME AND GET YOU when he went in, but he said we’re allowed to, and told me to get inside. All cars look the same to me so I really didn’t have much to say when he asked me what I thought about that one. There was a screen that popped up in front thingum (yes I don’t know what it’s called) when you pressed something, so I said ‘that’s cool’.

I said nothing else.

Ok I was feeling a lot more clueless than stressed here actually, but my cluelessness really stressed me out.
Then we ate some of the free food at the counter where the friendly dude was all ‘Just eat everything okay? Today very little people. Tapao also can.’

So i stood there eating shrimp and beef out of cups and spoons like I do that all the time.

Then the show was pushed back so we had to wait outside for it start, and while waiting we sat next to this really sweet couple at one of the seats and Raph started a conversation with them.

Stress Ordeal #3:

Raph’s really good at making complete strangers fall in love with him at first sight and stuff like that that help you become successful in life, and although it’s true that I don’t like talking to strangers unless it’s absolutely necessary (like it’s the first day of school and I have no friends or if I’m lost and google maps decides to fail on me), I’d like to think I’m not a complete loser at making small talk either. But I just pale so horribly in comparison to my boyfriend that whenever we’re together I feel this inherent need to pace with his god-level social skills, so I try really hard but somehow my efforts are forever futile and nobody wants to be my friend.


(haha ok for the record they were really very sweet I think most people just generally don’t know what to say when I say I’m in art school.)

When the show started it was very surreal because I’d never seen anything like that before, but the glamour of it all was somehow pretty suffocating, and by the end of it my most exciting part of the night was probably that moment when I found free chocolate in the goodie bag.
Stress Ordeal #4:

#somethingonlyweknow I cannot tell you.

And so this is why I doubt I’ll be going to one of these things again anytime soon because as much as I think it’s pretty breathtaking to watch some of the most gorgeous people in some of the most gorgeous clothes I’ve ever seen all in a single place, it’s really too stressful and if I wanted to get some chocolate I could just go to the store.


  1. Never read your stuff before but I love your drawings and witty writing! Stumbled here after your Carousell post. I studied Business too but art school would have been so much more fun I imagine. If we ever meet I'll have tons to say after hearing what you're doing. Super talented!

    1. Thank you! Hopefully we’ll meet someday! ;)

  2. Hahahahahha so funny! Love ur blog posts- they are refreshingly original, comical & highly entertaining :D

  3. brought here by your Carousell post on Sgag. Your drawings and blog is funny and really great for killing time, do blog more, I'm looking forward to reading more about your interesting and funny bits of life! :)

  4. Haha your blog made me laugh! Your drawing was so nice that it described the situation very well. Well nothing to take stress,all those models are also human like you and me.