Sunday, 5 May 2013

New Blog.

I was just wondering why I moved here. It was really just a spontaneous LEZGO move and I’m not too sure why either, but all I know is that this new blog is making me excited.

I think it was because I had this little spring break a few months back where I started dusting all the words in my head underneath this blue carpet in my brain and hence stopped blogging for a long time, but then I suddenly realize now that the carpet is no longer touching the floor because there’s too much shit sandwiched in between and some of the rubbish are actually gems but it’s too late because the carpet, the dust and the floor have all disappeared because they never existed anyway because they are metaphors.

I just wrote a really long sentence. (That possibly didn't even make any sense.)

So maybe because of that I thought I needed a little push to get me motivated to start talking to myself again. So i did that by giving me a new blog to get me excited, the way I’m excited when my prayer journal runs out of space and it gives me an excuse to go get a new pretty journal.

But of course blogs don’t run out of pages or wear out so I am going to pretend like they do and I’m now virtually getting myself a new notebook and new pair of sneakers and it feels awesome yEH.

And maybe I just wanted a new place to house my adventures. My old blog wasn’t cutting it because it’d somehow turned into a place where I’d tell of stories in a very carefully maneuvered way for someone else to see. I wasn’t writing for myself anymore and that built walls on my fingers I did not even realize, not until I slowly didn’t feel writing anymore.

So this move is in hope of building a place for adventures that I want to remember, for stories that I know I'll be happy telling, even to an invisible audience.

And so I think I've figured out why I moved.

Ah I’m in such a beautiful blessed new place, can’t wait for the rest of my life.

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