Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Yes I very efficiently stripped my floor clean today, and I found out that one of the bags next to my bed was a bag of shirts I brought to the tailor to get altered last week but hadn’t tried on.

So last week, I cleared out my wardrobe and split my clothes into
1) clothes I wanna keep,
2) clothes I wanna give away, and
3) clothes I wanna alter (although I swore this would be the last of it, because I am only gonna buy clothes that fit perfectly from now on. This saves me from reckless buy-and-regret shopping, and I don’t have to spend time altering them either, because I know I will not bother to.)

So I tried on my shirts (3 of the same shirt in different colours, they were sold in threes).

This is what happened last week:
20 minutes ago:

I actually liked those shirts. So moral of the story really, just buy clothes that fit perfectly.

Funny how I started this blog thinking it will be filled with brand new exciting adventures, especially since holidays have started and there’s a higher chance of something magical happening, but here I am ranting about ever intriguing topics like packing my room and clearing out my wardrobe. Who knows, maybe next I’ll be musing upon my laundry exploits.

What is my life.

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