Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My dog peed glitter.

So yesterday my family got home at night, and I saw that my dog peed and shat on his newspaper so I decided to go clean it up. But as I walked towards it, something sparkled.

I stared closer at his dried-up pee and realized there was glitter in it.

And it couldn’t have been that someone decided it was funny and threw glitter all over his pee as a joke because we weren’t home when he relieved himself, and plus the glitter was embedded into the newspaper with the pee in the shape of a puddle.

I tried to recall if I’d used glitter in any recent craft project or whatever because maybe he’d accidentally ingested it but no, the last time I took out my bottle of glitter was in January when we dressed Martin up as a mermaid at the Aquarium Park. And even if he ate glitter, it should be coming out in his poop right?

I’ll show you a picture.

Yes that’s what I said, I’ll show you a picture. I’m warning you ah don’t say I never. I’m warning you now. If you are afraid of pee don’t blame me if you scroll down and puke.




This was taken with my phone. Okay I know most cameras don’t do justice to the shiny nature of glitter because it just becomes white specks, but yeah close enough.

So at first, I was really excited and had all these fantastical ideas about how my dog is slowly evolving into a unicorn and how I could totally use a unicorn as a pet like we could go on magical rainbow adventures together and other cool things like that
..but then I googled ‘my dog peed glitter’ and the results kinda burst my bubble.

They said that the glitter was actually crystals that formed when his pee dried up because it was too concentrated. They said if this carries on, my dog might be having UTI/kidney stones or something, which of course, freaked me out (though I have to say I was definitely more disappointed than anything else to find out that my dog wasn’t a unicorn after all).

But he’s fine today. In case you were wondering. All his pee puddles dried up glitter-less. I think he just didn’t drink enough water yesterday because all of us forgot to refill his water bowl when we went out in the morning.

Actually I believe he’s just okay because I made him pray with me after the incident.

And also because I force-fed him water a lot of times after that, like I would seize him prison-torture style and shove his face to his water bowl and make him lick it all up but it was all for his own good.

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