Wednesday, 24 July 2013

This was me the last 2 weeks.

But it’s okay I’ve caught up with the world already I will tell you cool things very soon.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Red Bull gives me wings indeed.

Hello I disappeared for a while.

I was at ADM FOC’s seniors camp last week (actual camp is in 2 weeks. I am an OGL. I am very excited).

Anyway I’ll just tell you a random story now.

So on the 2nd night of the camp, we had to stay up into the night so the camp committee brought some red bull girls to come give us free sponsored red bull.

But no matter how sleepy I was, I wouldn’t drink it. I remember once when I had some caffeine in Secondary school, and suddenly I decided it would be fun to sneak around the school compound, ninja-ing past people like a secret spy agent. My friends were with me but somehow they just kept a distance and let me do whatever I wanted.

At the time of my high I thought I was hilarious. But now, I just hope that I was a very smooth spy and nobody saw my face or at least remembered it.

(I would give you more examples of stupid incidents but no.)

And because I so vehemently refused to touch the can, I was a ball of embarrassing because yes I forgot to add in that above picture that there were actually people around me (we were having a really long meeting).
I would try to get up now and then, but I would just fall back asleep, and I’m pretty sure I looked like a fool in those desperate attempts keep awake, because my friends were laughing.

I felt like a drowning cat, except there was no water.

It was so bad that I wondered how I was going to survive 5 days of the actual camp with little to no sleep. Whether I should just go ahead and spam caffeine the 5 days or not.

Then it hit me. That I should probably just go ahead.

Because it seemed that whether or not I drink it, I’ll still look stupid.

It was a difficult revelation to come to terms with but at least now I know why I’m always rather apathetic when something embarrassing happens to me.