Saturday, 31 August 2013

Monday, 19 August 2013

My Boyfriend is embarrassing.

So it was Hari Raya last week, and every year for Hari Raya, my friends and I go to Adnaan’s house to visit. This year, I brought Raph along and he was really excited about it because it was his first time going to someone’s place for Hari Raya, so he decided to wear this Malay outfit he bought ages ago but never really wore before.

When we reached Ad’s place, a whole ton of his visitors stared at us like we were some kind of hideous disease. Only my beautiful friends (like 6 of them amid the crowd) thought that it was sweet of Raph to dress up but it was quite a walk before I got to safety in their company.

And even though Raph’s outfit wasn’t exactly culturally accurate because he got the wrong sarong or something, Ad and his family really appreciated his effort and his mum even very bemusedly (and honestly) said that “he look like the satay seller.”

Here’s a photo of us by the way:
 ^Slightly blur, but you can see my ever so loving face very clearly right there.

Anyway while we are on the topic of dressing to embarrass, Raph and I went to the Adventure Cove water park at Sentosa a few months back, and you know how everyone visits water parks in nothing but their swimwear?

YEs because you totally have to protect your feet from the perilous GLASS SHARDS that litter the floors of all water parks.

I was in the car on the way there like:

But he insisted on doing whatever he wanted. Thankfully though, we went there when the place first opened so we pretty much owned the whole park and only a couple of people stared. But just as I decided that the number of people around were far too negligible to feel any form of humiliation, just as I was beginning to forgive him for his embarrassing behaviour,

And Raph has this weird habit also, of bringing one of those ‘uncle’ handkerchiefs around with him, like yknow the kind that old uncles bring around to wipe things in place of tissue paper? Yes he’s the youngest person I know who carries those around. And sometimes when he’s eating curry or anything that might dirty his shirt, he takes it out to save the day.

 *best if your hankerchief matches your shirt.

We were in a food court the last time this happened and I was dying in embarrassment as I ate because people would walk by and stare and think he’s crazy, but he wasn’t bothered at all because he was too busy being the happiest prata-eater on earth.

I have no idea how I am still so in love with the guy.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Random highlight of the day.

So I spent the afternoon chilling at Starbucks by myself today and as I was leaving, I noticed that the people at random tables would turn to look at me as I passed by them. Normally if this happens I get very scared because it’s like omg, is there something on my face??? Or is it that I didn’t zip my pants/bag or something because it’s usually things like that that make people stare.

But, I had no visible zippers on me, and they were staring me in the eyeee so there had to be something on my face. So I quickly rushed to the toilet to check if there was anything on it, but there was nothing.

So I concluded that I was probably just very pretty today.