Thursday, 12 December 2013

Bad Hair.

[So my hair has been so disastrous the past few months (for the most part of my life actually) that I decided to write a poem dedicated to it, because that's how true writers channel their inner follicular angst. I hope you like it. This one's called, "Bad Hair".]

Hair, hair, why are you so bad?
Why do you always make me so sad?

 I often wake to find you disarrayed,
Did you spend the night having a party on my head?

Hair, hair, cut me some slack,
(Sometimes I wonder) if you are Asian, why are you black?

I try to make you pretty and fill you with colour,
But soon you become damaged and so much duller.

Oh hair oh hair,
Do you think I will ever
Be able to find you a handsome lover?

Hair, hair, you weigh me down,
Very much literally and you sure make me frown.

But when I finally can take you no longer,
I snip you off.. then feel so much dumber.


Hair hair, why can't you live in the cold?
You frizz for no reason and you flake like snow.

You're not that good in the heat either though,
You get all sweaty and smell like toes.

Oh hair oh hair,
Sometimes I wish
That perhaps I was just born a fish.

But good hair or not, long hair or short,
I guess I should appreciate my chops

For come a day where I will be
Pining for my hair, 
and my hair, for me.