Monday, 1 December 2014

Tiny bags.

I have a tiny bag at home. It's super cute, but I hardly use it because I usually have a lot of stuff.

The other day I was pretty sure I didn't need to bring much though, so i carried my tiny bag. Because it was pretty and dainty and completely impracticable but that didn't matter because #fashion. 

It couldn't even fit my wallet. It could fit my phone but that has to be constantly in my hand so that I'm contactable and never bored so yes I was essentially carrying an empty bag around just because it was cute.
I think I put a packet of tissue in there to delude myself that the bag had some purpose, but whatever it's not really a delusion because bringing tissue is important ok.

So on the way to my destination I decided I was thirsty so I bought myself a bottled drink which meant I was holding that + my fat wallet + my phone, while my bag was practically empty.

I looked like a complete fool and I mean I could've gotten a plastic bag from a store to contain my stuff but then everyone would notice the giant ugly plastic bag and defeat the purpose of me carrying the tiny pretty bag. It's like I already made the choice to be impractical (albeit beautiful) so I'd better just stick with my decision yknow.

I think bagmakers are tapping on the conception that mini-anything is cute but they really need to stop making stuff I don't need. 

Oh well guess I learnt a great lesson that day: We should really stop carrying tiny bags forever.

Unless we're super sure we're not gonna buy a bottled drink along the way.

Friday, 28 November 2014

I miss you like pancakes.

Hey guys I know I haven’t touched this space in forever but I’ve been super busy with FYP. I’ll be shooting my fyp film next week which is quite exciting (albeit a little scary) and I’m trying to chill out a bit before production so I wrote something short that I’ll put up this weekend.

Meanwhile, here’s a drawing I did a while back for my friend Monica's blog.

(PS. I don't do commissioned illustrations, sorry!!)

See you all in a couple of days! :)

Saturday, 6 September 2014

So foolish.

Omagawd I have been writing so many drafts of my FYP scripts over and over in both English and Chinese and I'm getting so sick of it.

I wanted to come here and write something else other than what I've been working on for ages, so here's a random story from my childhood.

When I was a kid in Sunday school, we used to sing this song called "The Wise Man Built His House" based on Matthew 7:24-27. It was a song about a wise man who built his house upon a rock and it stood still despite the storm, and about a foolish man who built his house upon the sand, and when the storm came, it went "splat".

(If you wanna hear the song)

So anyway, I was probably too short to see the lyrics projected on the screen at that age, so I'd just sing whatever I thought everyone else was singing.

In the first verse, I'd sing (correctly):

But in the 2nd verse when I was supposed to sing:
"The foolish man built his house upon the sand..."  

I went:
For the longest time in my childhood I wondered why policemen liked to build their houses on sand. And why policemen?? And why were they the antithesis of wise men???

It was very confusing for me and I always thought policemen to be people who liked beaches a lot, until the day I found out what the actual lyrics were.

Sunday, 3 August 2014


So a couple months back, I was in my hostel room doing work alone on my desk at around 10pm. It was the last week of my stay there, and the roommate had already moved out. Suddenly I was startled by something hitting against my closet door, which had been left ajar.

I walked over to check, and THIS:
Ok the picture isn't very clear because I zoomed in from a few steps away, but I swear it was the biggest fly I’d ever seen in my life and its face looked like that a toad like one of those pond toads they sell at aquarium shops, but with wings.

Seriously it was like some kinda mutant cross between a toad and a fly.

I'm not even kidding like it was big enough to eat me up. And at that moment, I had to decide between embracing the demon, or starting a war.

I thought about how I would possibly like to spend the rest of the night..

So I grabbed a mop, because obviously that's what every soldier brings to combat.

I stood behind my door so that:
1) I could use it as a shield, and
2) There was no way the toadfly could whiz out of my cupboard and lock my door then kill me in the confines of my own room (yes ikr I was smarter than that)

After several shots at blindly stabbing the mop into the shelf, the toadfly landed on the ground in front of my cupboard and I mopped it out of the room into the corridor.

I tried to triturate the demon by crushing it under my mop for a whole minute. I shifted the mop aside after a while to check if it was well-squished and dead.

It appeared out of nowhere which was completely impossible.

I ran back into my room. The thing was invincible.

Thankfully it didn't follow me back into the room, but this meant I couldn't go back out ever again because it was too dangerous. It was probably just chilling at my doorstep waiting to devour me the minute I opened my door again. I couldn't open my door again, I just couldn't.

But at that moment,
Ok just kidding.

I'm not gonna continue with this story ever again however I'm making it into a movie soon and I will tell you the full story on film. I'll let you know when the DVD is out ya.

Ok just kidding here too. I just couldn't decide how to end this.

But then again, you'll never know. I might actually make a great toadfly movie one day.

Just you wait.


Sunday, 20 July 2014

I'm no longer invisible.

Sorry I've been away for so long! Been mainly busy writing scripts and making films since the holidays began, but after a recent 2-week-long virus that gave me sore eyes and a sore throat, I had newfound appreciation for actually being able to do things like make art, write and sing. Life's too short for me to not do what I like while I still physically can.

Also, I've moved to blogger and for a few reasons:

1) blogger has kinda improved in the past years, such as allowing me to change everything I thought was damn ugly about it (the reason why I didn't wanna use blogger initially)
2) blogger links to google
3) I like that I can have a drop-down archive for ease of searching for past posts

Unfortunately, there is no automatic post-migrating function across weebly and blogger so yes I MANUALLY transferred my previous 20+ posts over here. You can be assured I will never move again.

But thankfully it took faster than I imagined, and I even decided to add new pages, like a page of my other illustrations, my music, and even an ask page because I thought it'd be fun. Pls go ahead and ask me cool questions like "what is your favourite type of mushroom" etc.

But yes I promise you I perpetually have a few half-written stories on my computer that I just can't find the time to finish. New one coming up next week though, I promise.

Anyways. I can tell you something random that inspired the title of this post. I had a dream a few months back where I was in X-men academy because I discovered I had a superhero power to burn people. Then one day there was this great race where everyone is given a map and could choose a second power before embarking on the journey to some secret destination (the winner gets something, and you're allowed to destroy your competiton along the way).

The elders came around and secretly asked each person what 2nd power they wanted. When it was my turn, I asked for invisibility.

I thought I was so smart, no one would be able to destroy me cos I was invisible, and I would run past everyone invisibly and burn them all along the way, and emerge the victor at the finishing line.

I told my friend Syaz about this dream and how genius I was and he said,
"if it was a race, why didn't you just ask for super speed?"

To which I was like,

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

When life gives you lemons,

This has been me for the past 2 months and my brain hurts.

(Sorry for not updating, I will tell you new exciting things once work clears up!)

Friday, 21 February 2014

A thank-you post.

I actually wanted to do a thank-you post 3 weeks back. When I first moved into my hostel room.

It was supposed to be a post about the harrowing dust piles/cobwebs/spiders my previous tenant left behind for me, and how I wanted to severely thank her for giving me the chance to clean up the remains of her lazy soul.

Then I got too busy with school (why yes HELLO Singaporean pace of school life I missed you so dearly when I was away), and by the time I decided to get down to writing it, I'd already made the room a whole lot more comfortable, and I really didn't feel like ranting anymore.

So I decided, in the spirit of a belated Valentine's Day, I shall do an actual, no-jokes-attached, sincere thank-you post to you instead. To you who have told me how much you like this blog.

Yes I am having one of those key moments in life where I realize how awesome it feels to know I am making people happy.

So yes, I might not be able to update this space that often nowadays, but I promise I'll better this site soon once the dog days are over.

In the meantime I just wanna say,

P.S. Ok I was gonna end the post right there^ but I figured since I love you so much I'm going to draw you some pictures of random foods wearing glasses, because everybody wants to know what their food would look like if they were myopic.

Sunday, 26 January 2014


So a couple months ago, there were woodpeckers in Raph's garden (right outside his bathroom). He sent me a picture of them that looked something like this:
 (Yes that might be birdpoo on his window pane but it's not the point)

The next day I went to his house like:
But to my utter dismay the little creatures were gone.

For the next few weeks I kept reminding Raph to update me of any new bird sightings in his garden.

 But there were none.

I know you probably think that they're just birds, but you see, apart from my general love for animals,

1) You almost don't ever see woodpeckers in Singapore, and

2) When I was a kid, I developed a gravitation towards birds because of this 'I Am A Young Scientist' badge thing that most of us probably did in primary school.

The school gives you this hardback sheet of paper with a list of tasks to do and each task has a certain number points. Collect 20 points (the tasks have to be recorded in a journal) over the holidays and when you come back to school, your teacher will check all your tasks and if you complete them properly, you get a badge that proudly proclaims your legitimacy as a young scientist.

The badges look something like this:
There were many different task cards you can do actually, like 'Young Astrologist', 'Young Botanist' etc, but I chose the 'Young Ornithologist' one simply because English was my favourite subject and I always liked big words that were too difficult for the other kids to understand.

 I remember there was a task like this:

"Bring home an injured bird and nurse it back to health. Take pictures of its progress over the days."

That task gave you the most number of points out of them all, and my 10-year-old self who desired to be smarter than everyone else really wanted to do that task.

And for about a whole week, my entire life ambition was to FIND AN INJURED BIRD.

Everyday I would keep my eyes peeled and walk around the void deck of my flat for half an hour wishing sudden pain and infirmity upon every bird in my estate.

But only because I cared about them and wanted to nurse them back to health.

But once again, my efforts were futile. I found no injured bird.

(Thankfully that desire has vanished too so please don't ever present me with an injured bird for my birthday I will not be pleased. Although nonetheless I remained true to my new-found bird explorer instincts till today.)

So back to real time, after 2 whole months of the woodpeckers' disappearance, Raph whatsapped me the following photos saying, "guess who's back"

 But by then I'd already gone to Germany. This time, they stayed for days.

Jealousy struck me.

A few days later, Raph sent me another picture of one of them trying to get into his bathroom window.

(Disclaimer: I am not responsible for bad photography.)

It made me even sadder.

I don't know what is with my lifelong non-affinity with all the birds I wanna meet.

Anyways, Raph eventually bought a mini scarecrow for his garden because he says that the woodpeckers might break his windows if they continue pecking on them, so I don't think they'll ever come back again.

But I'm currently devising a plan to discreetly dispose of that scarecrow soon.

Will inform you if I eventually meet the birds.

I shall now awkwardly end this post with a picture of a very awkward iguana, who also attempted to get into Raph's toilet.

Not as endearing as a woodpecker, but hey, he tried.