Friday, 21 February 2014

A thank-you post.

I actually wanted to do a thank-you post 3 weeks back. When I first moved into my hostel room.

It was supposed to be a post about the harrowing dust piles/cobwebs/spiders my previous tenant left behind for me, and how I wanted to severely thank her for giving me the chance to clean up the remains of her lazy soul.

Then I got too busy with school (why yes HELLO Singaporean pace of school life I missed you so dearly when I was away), and by the time I decided to get down to writing it, I'd already made the room a whole lot more comfortable, and I really didn't feel like ranting anymore.

So I decided, in the spirit of a belated Valentine's Day, I shall do an actual, no-jokes-attached, sincere thank-you post to you instead. To you who have told me how much you like this blog.

Yes I am having one of those key moments in life where I realize how awesome it feels to know I am making people happy.

So yes, I might not be able to update this space that often nowadays, but I promise I'll better this site soon once the dog days are over.

In the meantime I just wanna say,

P.S. Ok I was gonna end the post right there^ but I figured since I love you so much I'm going to draw you some pictures of random foods wearing glasses, because everybody wants to know what their food would look like if they were myopic.