Sunday, 20 July 2014

I'm no longer invisible.

Sorry I've been away for so long! Been mainly busy writing scripts and making films since the holidays began, but after a recent 2-week-long virus that gave me sore eyes and a sore throat, I had newfound appreciation for actually being able to do things like make art, write and sing. Life's too short for me to not do what I like while I still physically can.

Also, I've moved to blogger and for a few reasons:

1) blogger has kinda improved in the past years, such as allowing me to change everything I thought was damn ugly about it (the reason why I didn't wanna use blogger initially)
2) blogger links to google
3) I like that I can have a drop-down archive for ease of searching for past posts

Unfortunately, there is no automatic post-migrating function across weebly and blogger so yes I MANUALLY transferred my previous 20+ posts over here. You can be assured I will never move again.

But thankfully it took faster than I imagined, and I even decided to add new pages, like a page of my other illustrations, my music, and even an ask page because I thought it'd be fun. Pls go ahead and ask me cool questions like "what is your favourite type of mushroom" etc.

But yes I promise you I perpetually have a few half-written stories on my computer that I just can't find the time to finish. New one coming up next week though, I promise.

Anyways. I can tell you something random that inspired the title of this post. I had a dream a few months back where I was in X-men academy because I discovered I had a superhero power to burn people. Then one day there was this great race where everyone is given a map and could choose a second power before embarking on the journey to some secret destination (the winner gets something, and you're allowed to destroy your competiton along the way).

The elders came around and secretly asked each person what 2nd power they wanted. When it was my turn, I asked for invisibility.

I thought I was so smart, no one would be able to destroy me cos I was invisible, and I would run past everyone invisibly and burn them all along the way, and emerge the victor at the finishing line.

I told my friend Syaz about this dream and how genius I was and he said,
"if it was a race, why didn't you just ask for super speed?"

To which I was like,