Monday, 1 December 2014

Tiny bags.

I have a tiny bag at home. It's super cute, but I hardly use it because I usually have a lot of stuff.

The other day I was pretty sure I didn't need to bring much though, so i carried my tiny bag. Because it was pretty and dainty and completely impracticable but that didn't matter because #fashion. 

It couldn't even fit my wallet. It could fit my phone but that has to be constantly in my hand so that I'm contactable and never bored so yes I was essentially carrying an empty bag around just because it was cute.
I think I put a packet of tissue in there to delude myself that the bag had some purpose, but whatever it's not really a delusion because bringing tissue is important ok.

So on the way to my destination I decided I was thirsty so I bought myself a bottled drink which meant I was holding that + my fat wallet + my phone, while my bag was practically empty.

I looked like a complete fool and I mean I could've gotten a plastic bag from a store to contain my stuff but then everyone would notice the giant ugly plastic bag and defeat the purpose of me carrying the tiny pretty bag. It's like I already made the choice to be impractical (albeit beautiful) so I'd better just stick with my decision yknow.

I think bagmakers are tapping on the conception that mini-anything is cute but they really need to stop making stuff I don't need. 

Oh well guess I learnt a great lesson that day: We should really stop carrying tiny bags forever.

Unless we're super sure we're not gonna buy a bottled drink along the way.