Friday, 17 April 2015

The world doesn't need more emojis.

Except a crab emoji.

We all need a crab emoji because how else am I supposed to make my crab cravings known via text right. I mean I could say it in words but it's not the same.

My crab emoji suggestion:
(So first off. I know I don't really have a right to speak now because cool people have been asking me to update this blog but i don't do it because I keep having something better to do. But now that I have found something worse to do - ie write my only essay of the semester, hello again after 4 months where I attempt to take a break from writing a 5000-word FYP report by well, writing this.)

So back to talking about how I don't wanna upgrade to the new iOS because of the new emojis SIGH.
But honestly, why do I need emojis in every single race anyway?? It's not like there's a difference to the emotion/activity we portray when the race is different.

Eg. this emoji:

The next time I use this, apparently I'm not just saying: "hey guys I'm getting my hair cut"

I'm saying: "hey guys I'm Chinese and getting my hair cut"


Also, Shar and I were laughing about the fact that there is even Santa in every race. That's ridiculous because everyone knows there is only one Santa and he is white because obviously people who live in the North Pole evolved to be very fair to hide from predators and stuff??


And I really just don't know what this world is coming to because remember the days when we were using msn and all the emoticons were raceless and faceless and we had a range of about like 20 emoticons to choose from and life was so much easier? D;

It must be true when they say people with smaller wardrobes are happier. (Should probably start throwing out some clothes so I sound less of a hypocrite writing this.)

And OHYES speaking of msn do you remember they had that hug emoticon which was animated and you really truly felt the hugs that people sent to you?

(Yup, felt that. Also, #nostalgiastrikes.)

Yes well Emoji needs to step up their game because,

y no hug emoji?? 

I've been using this^ for hugs for ages which according to Siri means "person making okay gesture" so apparently every time my friend needs a hug I'm actually just looking at her cruelly saying

But honestly, we have enough emojis. Even now, half the emojis aren't even being used at all and I already waste enough time trying to search for the perfect emoji for my text messages/instagram captions I don't need to waste even more. I shudder to think about the day where we have 5000 emojis to sift through and we will take so long to express an emotion through text that we will just have to  *gasp*...


So please, stop adding more emojis. If you really wanna do the racially diverse thing, just change the race of random emojis so that each emoji has a single race of its own. We can still use them universally.

(You're more than welcome to add a crab and hug emoji any day though. :> )