Monday, 1 June 2015

Cheap Thrills.

Because who doesn't like to find money amirite.

P.S. Anyways I have something cool to announce:

NEW POSTS EVERY MONDAY NOW! *insert confetti emoji*

I am so excited I am going to talk about mini things as such. Some might include accompanying exposition, some might not, and maybe every other month I will tell you a cool story because I have so many, but till then, please come back often and say hello!

I think I'm also generally quite excited today because I got a phonecall asking me to go down for an interview for a writer-producer job at a production house which is so exciting and my first thought was WHAT DO I WEAR which really shouldn't be.

But whatever cut me some slack it's my first job interview ever in my life. Omg actually that's quite scary ok I better stop talking about it lest my excitement turns into anxiety and actually what if I fail the interview and not get the job in the end then I will be sad so I better not be so excited.

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