Monday, 15 June 2015

Was machst du heute?

Art? Music? Magic?

Someone's day?

It's always a wonder learning a different language because I like the sound of sounds and putting them together.

I probably wouldn't intentionally devote time to learning a new language in its fullness though, unless I'm permanently living somewhere that speaks it. I learnt French for a year in Secondary School and it so was hard being unable to practice it, so I stopped. (YES QUITTING EXCUSES #leavemealone)

I've forgotten most of it already, other than being able to fake a relatively legit french accent. Oh I remember being first introduced to French cinema in that language centre. Yay french films.

I feel really thankful to be able to speak more than one language in this country. I love how knowing another language can create this new dimension to everything around you on an average 风和日丽 day-- poetry becomes different, jokes become different, and names become different (so we feel like we become a new person with this new name which is very cool).

And I love how a different language can even give you a fresh perspective when translated to your primary language. And that's kinda what this post is about.

So, I went to Germany for exchange a couple years ago and we took a mandatory German crash course for a month.

One of the common phrases we learnt was: "Was machst du heute?"
which means: "What are you doing today?"

But the word machst also means "making", although in this context generally means "doing". But whenever someone asked me in German "Was machst du heute?", I couldn't help but think,

What am I making today?

It was a lovely question to ponder because I found myself a bit more enthusiastic about life when I began to see all my daily activities as making something rather than just doing them.

I ask myself that question even now (if I remember to haha), especially on days when I don't feel like doing anything. And before I know it I'm writing out new ideas, playing some music, or loving someone.

Because there is nothing quite as impelling as knowing you have been given the present power to make something out of nothing, or make something better, or make someone happy.

What are you making today? :)

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