Monday, 17 August 2015

Can't even title this post.

Sorry yalls.

I used to wonder why people wanted to be taitais and laze their lives away.
Now I finally understand the appeal.

But yes this post is to let you know that I might skip some Mondays. I'll try to write weekly because it does indeed calm my soul but if I don't, it means I'm busy fending for my physical survival.

PS. Speaking of calming the soul, I found a box of chamomile tea in my house and almost retched at the sight of it. I hate chamomile tea it tastes like onions I don't understand why people like it or think it's a calming tea. I drank it once and it was so smelly I seriously have no doubt that they crushed onions and put them in teabags and then packaged them in boxes with pictures of flowers LIES I KNOW THEYRE ONIONS. 

And yes, I don't like onions, but just the raw ones, with the smell. Okay if you spam salad dressing on them till the smell is masked I mighttt eat it, but NO to onion tea - or so they call "chamomile tea" - where the smell is brewed to its ultimate atrocity. 

Like I am generally not a fussy eater but chamomile is seriously quite high up on my *short* list of most hated foods, coming in a close second to raw beansprouts, where no amount of sauce can ever mask its evil.