Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Nobody paid me for anything.

So first off, thank you SGAG for featuring the post I did on my boyfriend’s latest obsession. You guys are cool. Also, writing a quick one just to clarify this, because some people are thinking otherwise:  

It was not an ad. 

Yeap. I’m sorry to disappoint you (and myself lol). I'm really not as shrewd as you think I am.

I’m assuming the reason why a few people were suspicious or whatever is because they thought it was an ad, and that I didn’t put a disclaimer on it, hence that wasn't nice.

But here's making it clear that I'm no richer than I was like, a month ago.

Although thanks for even thinking it looked like I deserved to get paid. :')

Fact is I've been working a 10-7 job ever since I graduated 2 months ago and I've been coming home at 9pm (because inaccessible house woes) and staying up late at night just to sing songs I like, and draw stuff I like, and write things I like. Because.

But I guess it kinda pays off to keep at something you love? Because I've had so many people tell me today that they laughed, and that's worth more than all the sleep I've sacrificed, and worth more than all the days I've come home feeling lousy because I'm struggling to write corporate pitches at work and worth more than all the times I wish I could just give up in life and become a balloon seller. And who knows, maybe someday I can actually do what I really love for a living. That would be a dream.

But anyway thank you everyone who said nice things to me! I'm so happy to have made you happy.


  1. Hey, I don't usually leave comments on blogs (this is in fact, a first) but I just really wanted to say you have a great blog! Although I did find your blog from the SGAG post, I love your illustrations and you are so hilarious. Oh yes, I went to your IG too and I saw some singing videos... you have a great voice! Keep it up, whatever you're doing! :)

  2. Hi Annette! So I came across your blog and i've fallen in love with your illustrations and your stories (omg i really hope this does not sound creepy) Just wanted to let you know that reading your blog brings me great delight and amusement! You're very talented and I look forward to more posts! Find strength at work, you'll pull through ^*^

  3. I'm a fan already. Keep it up! Never stop writing. ;)