Tuesday, 24 November 2015

What I've been up to: Christmas Cards!

Hey guys!

So ever since I got my domain up, I've been thinking of ways to sustain this blog. I don't really wanna put on ads yet at the moment, so I thought I'd try starting with a little store. And since Christmas (my favourite holiday) is around the corner and I've always loved giving and receiving cards, I thought it’d be nice to sell Christmas cards for the very first time!

I'm really just testing the waters first though, so I’m just gonna sell them through Carousell and Instagram for now.

So do follow @ifonlywefartflowers on Carousell and Instagram for updates kay!

The cards are in sets of 4 and I tried my very best to make them really affordable, and if you get them before December, you get an Early Bird Discount!

All details can be found on the store page, but I’ll list them here anyway:

Early Bird Price (Till 30th Nov 2015):
$5.90 for 1 set (4 cards)
$12.90 for 3 sets (12 cards)

Regular Price:
$6.90 for 1 set (4 cards)
$15.90 for 3 sets (12 cards)

Includes FREE SHIPPING to Singapore.

I’m also only doing 3 batches of shipping. Dates are as follows:
1st Dec 2015 (All Early Bird orders)
12th Dec 2015
19th Dec 2015

I’m also capping these at a total sale of 100 sets, so grab them while they last!

Aand that's it. I'll just talk to you guys a bit about the cards and the shoot.