Sunday, 19 June 2016

Read this if you're thinking of cutting your hair short.

Omg guys what am I doing with my life.

^A question every girl would’ve asked herself EVERY TIME SHE HAS CUT HER HAIR TOO SHORT.

I apologise that most of this site is rubbish (and I also apologise for my lack of updates) but this is just a note to my future self, should I decide to cut my hair short again, because sometimes I just don’t understand why girls will have moments in their lives where they think it’s a good idea to cut their hair short. Keyword: think.

You see, a select few females in this world can pull off short hair, and 99% of these girls who can pull it off are usually just ridiculously good-looking people (e.g. Emma Watson), who could probably pull it off too if they shaved their heads and had grass for hair. However, the sad reality is that most of us are about as attractive as tables could get......

.....But we decide to cut our hair short anyway.

Someone explain this phenomenon i cannot.

Okay not all girls, but I know so many of us who decide to do this then regret it.

I feel like it's just this really sick thrill where I've just been trying to push the boundaries of how short my hair can go before I actually realise this is 50% of my face I am messing with and it's not a joke.

Yknow how when you were in Primary school, you'd sit and lean back on your chair just to see how far you could go before you actually tip over? And that moment when you lean really far but still make it back down on all four chair legs, and you get this mini cheap sense of accomplishment...

which makes you wanna lean back again and see if you can go even further?


I swear it's the same thing.

Because I've been into short(-er) hair for quite a while now, so I'd been cutting it till around my shoulder each time, i.e. the safe zone. It wasn't until 2 haircuts ago that I accidentally cut it a bit shorter than usual, which I freaked out for the first day, but then realised it was actually a pretty great length.

And because this "mistake" turned out to be quite an optimal length, I just wanted to see that if I tried it again just slightly shorter the next time, would it somehow be 'even more optimal?'

So I did just that...... fell flat on my back. I'd reached THE optimal length the previous time. Should not have gone further.

If you're not much of a reader, here's a graph that can help you illustrate the last 2 paragraphs:
Okay so that (i.e. my eagerness to go one step further), coupled with the fact that my hairdresser was way too excited about snipping my hair off, basically escorted me straight into a pit. Hairdresser dude totally did nothing to discourage me whatsoever, and in fact told me he'll go just slightly (<-lies) shorter and it'll look great.

I don't know why I gave consent.

It was alright for the first day, then I was hoping it'll grow out to be at perfect zone like the previous haircut, but NOPE. Again, I was wrong. It was just a series of bad hair days after.


They don't tell you that you gotta blow dry the hair every day if you want it to look good, but nobody got no time for dat I'm busy paying the bills.

Here's me right after my haircut where it was blow-dried, and still relatively easy on the eye. Shocking, but not the worst to come. Taking a photo to remember the trauma.

Then you'd think it'd look like that for the next few months at least, but NOPE.

Here's me on most days after that where I obviously have no time to blowdry my hair:


Lol ok just kidding, there's no picture because who takes selfies on bad hair days.

Anyway my hair is at the very awkward length now where it's long enough to make me feel hot, but it's too short for me to tie it up and escape this heat. And it's still bad hair days 90% of the time.

I signed up for short hair, not the freaking dedicate-your-life-to-hair-maintenance club. So imma forever keep within the perfect/safe zone from now and not try anything stupid. Because I need it at a length where I can, at the bare minimum, just tie it up on a bad hair day.

And to end off, my dear future self, if you’re thinking of cutting your hair short again, PLEASE DON'T DO IT AGAIN.

You are probably not gonna listen to me.