Annette Rochelle Lee is an writer, director, author and illustrator, and performs as singer-songwriter ANNETTE. Currently residing in Singapore, her passion for storytelling translates in her writings, art and music.

In her free time, she likes to read, watch films, listen to music, and make crafts. She occasionally dances in her room.

As Filmmaker: 
Annette's first short film, Graduation (2014), was the Singapore finalist in the HongKong Intl Mobile Film Awards, competing with finalists from 9 other countries. It also won Best Production Design at both the Singapore Short Film Awards and the National Youth Film Awards, and she was nominated for Best Screenplay as well.

She was also the co-creator of short film 3 Seconds, which premiered at SGIFF 2014. Her second short film, Keep Mum (2015), earned her the only female director nomination in the NYFA.

Since 2015, Annette has been a content strategist in SGAG, pioneering its first in-house produced videos. Today, she is the lead writer and director of the video department, and also acts in many of her own videos. Her personas on SGAG, such as “Sue-Ann” and “Suezanna Chloe Tan”, have grown to be very well-loved.

As Singer/Songwriter: 
Having performed at multiple local venues such as Esplanade and Timbre, Annette performs as local singer-songwriter ANNETTE.

Heavily influenced by folk, pop and electronic music, her youtube channel, www.youtube.com/annetteandafish is a collection of her covers and original songs

Her songs often talk about the human condition, honesty and hope. She has also released her debut 5-song EP, "All Our Achilles Heels" in September 2017, produced by Scott Cash and Ed Cash.

As Writer/illustrator: 
Annette’s favourite kind of books are comic and illustrated books. Annette has written and illustrated many stories of her own since young.

Her first book, Joel’s Secret (2008) was completed when she was 16 years old. It is unpublished but she has a single copy at home which she treasures very dearly.

www.ifonlywefartflowers.com was birthed during Annette's time in film school, as a way to continue illustrating, albeit in quick doodles, in a bid to tell stories that see the light of day a lot sooner than in a full illustrated book. This blog is a compilation of silly stories and musings she thought would be fun to document.

She hopes to publish some illustrated or comic books in the future, and maybe even compile the best of ifonlywefartflowers into a publication someday.